I found a perfect career and it’s real and achievable!

I’ve always loved the idea of psychology and wanted to do some sort of counselling, until seeing a counsellor once and realising that all they do is sit there and nod.
What would suit me great is being able to assess a persons mentality whilst being allowed to tell them what to do.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I’ve always been awesome at thinking positively and get a real kick out of making others do the same. And now I can do it as a job!

I can’t explain how exciting this is. I genuinely thought I’d just do what I was doing until I was old and gross then open a bar. Which is a fun idea but not something I’ve ever had a passion for.

Even better… I’ve found the course I need… It’s only in fucking Inverness! And, it’s a 5 days residential module, 4 week holiday, 5 more days, 4 week holiday, 5 more days then done.
AND they run every few months so I can save up and do it when I’m ready.
AND it’s less than 3 grand.

I’ve been chatting to random people in Inverness overt t’internet so I’ll know people when I get there. I’ve even got someone to view a flat for me today :D
THE only flat so far to allow the cats.
AND it’s near the city centre.
AND it’s cheap.
AND it’s nice.
AND I can get sky there with decent broadband.

AND AND AND I’ve earned well decent money over the weekend. Meaning I just might get to go see my Asia in Bristol next weekend and go see my David in Edinburgh afterwards.

I’m so fucking happy and excited right now.

(Please don’t everything fall apart like a massive sack of shit)

Thanks :D

Inverness is 378 miles away.

I’ve worked out that if I work 5 days a week for about a month, I could save enough to get my own place, pay off all the people I owe money to and live for a couple of weeks whilst I sort out shit like the internet so I can get back to work.

This excited me so much that I can’t sleep. So I won’t wake up. Or do any work.

Aha fucks sake ^_^

You should never murder time

The next month is going to suck massively. But the one after brings new and exciting things :D

So work like a cunt for one month. Doo iit. It’s gonna be so worth it ^_^

I hope my boyfriend didn’t die today. That’d be a massive bummer.